When you are looking to purchase a new home, it is pretty normal to have a list of needs and wants. Unfortunately, it is also fairly common to compromise on your list of wants and needs. If you have ever gone through this experience, you know how difficult it is to check every box on your list. This is why opting to have a custom home built becomes an extremely attractive option. A custom home allows you to get exactly what you want, you have a say in the design, layout, finishes, and accessories. However, many people are intimidated when it comes to going through this process, as they are not sure where to begin. 

This is why we outlined the 5 basic steps to building a custom home.

Select a Custom Home Builder

It may seem a bit odd to find a custom home builder before finding your location. The reason why put this as the first step is that many custom home builders have access to or even have their own potential sites that they can direct you to. The builder main goal is to help make your dream home a reality. Choosing a licensed, experienced custom home builder that has completed projects in the region you are looking to build is also a good idea. This should help fast-track the building process since the builder will be familiar with all local building regulations and codes. 

Purchase Your Site

Take your time to find your perfect location, consider the neighborhood, orientation, views, and size of the site before you purchase. You can always redesign your custom home to meet any changes, but you can’t modify the land to fit any changes. If there is an older home on the property, ask your custom home builder if they will take care of demolition and site preparation as well as incorporating that cost into your budget. 

Design Your Floorplan

An experienced architect will take your needs, wants, vision, and budget and design a floor plan that will incorporate it all into your dream home. If you don’t already have an architect in mind, ask your custom home builder for recommendations. They may have an architect on their team or have a preferred architect that they have worked with previously. Having a builder and designer that are familiar with each other is positive, as they are already familiar with each other’s work and are probably comfortable communicating on a regular.

Sign Final Agreement

Once the design and floor plans are completed, your custom home builder will provide you with the final quote and review the next steps. If you have any questions about anything, now is the time to ask and get clarity. As long as you are comfortable with what you have been told, you can sign and the project begins. 

Construction Begins

This is where you can step back and let the builder take over. Their team will take care of permits, demolition and site preparation, and building your dream home from the ground up. Ask for scheduled inspections at key phases during the construction process. This way you will be able to see how your home is being constructed through the different stages. You are also able to ensure that the design and your expectations are aligned. If something seems off, it is easier to make amendments while they are still in the construction phase.  

You will be sure to love your custom home that was built to meet all of your needs and wants. The only question you will have once you are moved in is why didn’t I do this earlier. 

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