When it comes to buying a house you have many options, such as a move-in ready resale home, a resale home that requires some updates, a newly built production home, or a custom designed and built home. Each one of these options will appeal to different buyers. For the person that is looking for a newly built home to make their own, they can choose to go with a production home (one that is built by a high-volume home builder) or a custom home.

The difference between production home builders and custom home builders, is that a production builder works on building a subdivision at a time, building dozens if not hundreds of homes that are based on several models and floor plans. A custom home builder works on one of a kind homes that are either designed to fit a specific lot or designed based on the client’s vision and wishes.

Both types of builders can create beautiful, functional homes for their clients, so what details separate a production home from a custom home?

Production builders usually will build a neighbourhood of homes on land that they have either developed or purchased from a developer. Developed land is raw land that has been rezoned for residential use, this includes obtaining permits, creating lots, installing sewers, streets, curbs, and running water and electrical lines throughout the newly formed neighbourhood. Based on the size of the lots, a production builder will have several home models and floor plans available for buyers to choose from. They will also offer several options or upgrades to allow the buyer to personalize their home, such as paint colours, flooring material, and bathroom/kitchen options. However, design or structural changes to the floor plan are usually not permitted. With production builders, you are obtaining the land and the home together in your purchase and there are usually different size lots and homes available to satisfy the budgets of a wide range of potential buyers.

Custom home builders work with your vision and wish to build a one of a kind home for you and your family. There is a lot of flexibility with a custom built home because you have full control when it comes to the design and layout. A custom built home can be built on land you already own or land the builder has available, you can work with the builder’s in-house architect or hire an architect of your choice to design your home. You have the ability to be as involved as you wish with the design of the home, and you have final sign off on the completed floor plans. When it comes to material and finishes you can be as picky as you like, because you have the ability to choose materials and finishes based on your style and budget.

A production built home will usually be built faster and be less expensive than an equivalent custom built home. This is because a production builder can purchase materials in bulk and employ a larger workforce, as there are multiple homes with similar designs and layout being built all at once. A custom built home normally takes longer to design, as each aspect of the home is truly customizable. Custom home builders also do not benefit from buying material in bulk, so the cost may be more on a per square foot basis.

A custom built home may cost more than a production home, however, as the name proclaims your home will be truly customized to your vision. The quality of the finished product will also usually be greater on a custom built home, as the process is more about attention to detail than it is about speed of completion.

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