At Crimson Rose, we understand the importance of listening to our clients, and we focus our expertise on giving our customers targeted projects with measurable results. We continue to provide our customers with the finest designs, the most powerful work, and only the most current services. We are determined to set our clients on a solid foundation and build upon it to help them prosper. Our success is defined by our clients’ happiness and success.


Jacob Sharawi


Motivated executive with 20 years’ experience of spearheading companies and departments across a broad spectrum of industries. Persistent and gets the job done. Exceptional ability to motivate people and manage processes, procedures and operations. Creative and resourceful in developing innovative business solutions. Excels at building client relationships through service levels. Persuasive negotiator. Loves mastering new concepts. Effective net-worker with the ability to build as well as work in a team. Self-imposed sense of urgency. High level of commitment, ensuring attention to detail in any work environment.


Joana Fernandes

Interior Designer/ Project Manager

Joana is an interior designer and on-site project manager who truly believes that the power of beautiful and functional spaces can transform the daily life. Each space sets a different mood and that is why she aims to create a place where you can feel comfortable. Upon living, graduating and gaining her early experience in Portugal, she now contributes with her unique sense of style and strategic planning at Crimson Rose Living.  Joana ensures that strategy is clearly defined while overseeing performance and maintaining morale. Her effective communication and client service skills enhance the process-driven management philosophy.


Al Hashish, B.Sc., MBA

VP Finance & Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Al has overall responsibility for financial management and control for Crimson Rose Living.

Mr. Hashish contributes a wealth of strategies and financial experience in a range of multinational positions. Prior to joining Crimson Rose Living, Al was the Corporate Controller and Chief Financial Officer of the world leading provider of IT solutions to Airlines and Travel Industry; has led corporate finance, accounting, treasury, management control, institutional relations and strategic planning. Mr. Hashish has extensive public company financial reporting & analysis and expert in Global Distribution, Hotels, Travel, IT and Mining businesses.


Jimmy Kabbani

Project Manager

Manage Construction Teams from on-site visits to project scheduling and team building. Hands-on manager of various laborers working on a particular construction project, and makes sure that teams are working together with the sole objective of completing a project while adhering to deadlines, specifications and codes. Overseeing the activities at a construction job site is the main responsibility of Jimmy. This includes managing construction crews, inspecting ongoing work, ensuring adherence to state and local codes, arranging for necessary equipment and keeping construction project costs at or, if possible, under budget.


Brett Lyver

Senior Designer

With 20 years of Architectural design and technical experience, Brett additionally brings a broad scope of consulting & project management leadership to the team.  Specializing in custom residential design, Brett has collaborated on a wide range of inspired designs that range from traditional to contemporary.

Extensive experience in the early stages of project development has enabled Brett’s deep understanding of the “design” and “build” challenges that may arise with each project.  This expertise has proven to save both time and cost, enabling a smoother design process from beginning to end. Brett received his Architectural Technologist Diploma from Sheridan College in Brampton, Ontario, Canada in 1996.


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