When you are looking for your dream home, hours and days can be spent attending open houses and reviewing online listings, yet you still may not find a home that checks all the boxes. You shouldn’t have to compromise on location, size, or features when you are looking for your forever home. More and more, people are choosing to have a custom built home which is designed to meet all their needs and wants. This way you are guaranteed to check all the boxes. But, where do you begin?

Here are the general steps to building a custom home:

1. Partner With A Custom Home Builder

When searching for a custom home builder to manage the construction of your dream home, ask for recommendations from family and friends, search online reviews, and visit current builds. You should consider experience, customer satisfaction, insurance, workmanship, and communication. Ultimately, you want to choose a custom home builder you trust to build your dream home.

2. Location

Some custom home builders have their own land that they are reserving for customers, or have access to plots of land. So, it is a good idea to ask your builder if they can assist with finding your ideal location. If you want to find your own space, make sure you look into if residential construction is permitted in the area, if you are permitted to tear down existing structures to build a new home, and if there are restrictions that would limit the construction of your dream home.

3. Design Your Dream House

Contact experienced architects to design your dream home. Consider your family needs, hobbies, future needs, etc. when designing your custom home. If you have a particular design in mind, discuss with your architect and builder to ensure that your desired home design and landscaping can be built on your property.

4. Approve Project

Once the drawings are complete, consult with the home builder to finalize pricing and timelines. They should review the work involved and the costs associated with each stage.

5. Secure Financing

If needed, find a suitable lender to help finance the construction of your home. You will have a pretty good idea of the funds required for your home’s construction, based on the agreement signed with the builder. You may want to ensure you have a reserve fund for any additional items you may want added to the project or any unexpected expenses that may arise during construction.

6. Get Approval

Construction cannot begin on your custom home until your design has been reviewed and approved and all of the proper building permits have been issued. Your custom home builder will usually take care of obtaining all permits and approvals, but you should ask to see them before they begin.

7. Start Building

This is the beginning of your dream home.

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